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JELLYLAB® is a private, specialized Cosmetic Tattoo | Beauty Studio that is inspected and approved by the Pasadena Health Department. Safety & sanitation has always been our utmost priority, even prior to COVID-19.


Cosmetic Tattoo Studios hold one of the highest standards of sanitation, cleanliness, and pathogens prevention. We are continually up to date with our Bloodborne Pathogens, using quality one time use products, PPE, and always fully sanitize with medical grade disinfectants before and after each client. We have medical air filters throughout the studio and air is manually sanitized before and after each client.


In addition, we have made some extra updates to strictly adhere all of the safety guidelines set by the CDC. The cost of doing business during COVID while making a commitment to safety for the artist, clients, and community have resulted in a very necessary slight price increase to our services (not including cancelled appointments prior to the lockdown).


We will be strictly enforcing the following COVID-19 client protocols:

  1. A COVID-19 client liability waiver must be filled out prior to appointment + majority of consultations will be done online

  2. Absolutely no guests allowed

  3. Guests will have to wait in the car until artist gives clearance to come up- We are required to escort you in

  4. Mask must be worn to enter the premise

  5. Client will sanitize or wash hands upon entering the studio

  6. Temperature will be taken upon entering the studio

  7. Limited personal belongings to an absolute minimum

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